Find your Pre-Made Premium Website

1. Begin by Selecting  your favourite site

We’ve categorised our Premium Website Library with button filters, which are broken up into 12 websites per page.

2. Browse through the static website templates

Every website is equipped with it’s constituent pages in the form of images. Be sure to browse through them to make sure that you’re happy with the product.

3. Request a demo site

Most of our sites don’t have demo sites YET, but we are more than happy to put one together for you within 48 hours of your request. Most requests should take less time, but should never take longer than 48 hours.

In the interim, all demo sites are in the process of being added.

4. View the Demo Site

Some websites will have the Demo Site available already, in which case, feel free to browse the site and try to imagine what it would be like with your personalised content.

5. Select your website add-ons

After making sure that this is the perfect website for you, you will have the ability to select a variety of options which will further help you customise your website based on your preferences.

6. View your Basket

After ensuring that all of your customisations have been added correctly, you may review your website and add-ons in your basket before checking out.

7. Checkout

After you have reviewed your product, you can proceed to the checkout and pay.

8. Instructional Email

After a quick review of your information, the WEDEV team will send you an email with 3 components;

    1. Editable PDFs (To swap out your text)
    2. Images folder (To add custom images)
    3. Excel Product Document (For online stores only)

9. Editing a PDF

After opening your PDF document, just follow the instructional email by opening the PDF you’d like to edit, then clicking on the text blocks and filling in your information accordingly.

10. Adding your Images (Optional)

You can double-check the instructions from the email, but just drag and drop images into your images folder and make sure that they are named correctly, according to the corresponding name found on the editable PDF.

    11. Adding your products (Optional)

    You can either copy and past the information from a url or you can insert the information manually. Be sure to double check the guide to make sure that you are putting the correct information into the correct fields. 

    Notify us that your content is completed and get your website delivered to you! Hooray!